2023 Products that help your dog's coat shine

2023 Products that help your dog's coat shine

Is your dog's coat coarse to the touch? Does your dog shed uncontrollably, and do you find yourself having to sweep dog fur off the floor often? We here at Frenchie Nation are here to help. Here are products we recommend purchasing, to get your dog that soft shiny coat you have been dreaming of.


Start by giving your dog a good diet. Research various dog feeding practices; some people like to feed wet food, others dry kibble, while others prefer to feed raw. We personally like to feed our dogs kibble, because it is easy and convenient, as not much meal preparation is required. We also prefer dry food over wet dog food, because it is better for your dog's teeth. Some vets will inform you the kibble purchased at your local store, contains the bare minimum of a dog's nutritional requirements. Therefore, if you feed dry, ensure you read the ingredients carefully to give your pet the best option available. If your food of choice is causing your dog runny stools, and their poop smells pungent, it may be time for a change.

Our food of choice:

Victor Dry Dog Food


As mentioned before, the manufactured dog food we feed our dogs, often does not contain all the nutrients needed to nourish our furry companions. It is wise to supplement your dog's food to achieve that healthy coat you desire. Supplements are not only good for your dog's coat but their overall health. 

 Supplements we like:


Solid Gold SeaMeal

We hope this post was helpful at the very least in pointing you in the right direction to make your dog's coat shine. This post should not be taken as medical advice for your pet.